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Calling all junior musicians… no experience necessary!


Music at Randwick Public School is an absolute highlight of being a student at our school. This year 270 children have learnt the joy of making music in a band. 

It is a wonderful ensemble programme run by the very experienced The Music Partnership conductors and tutors.

Depending on their age, children can choose any of these:

  • Training string ensemble

  • Intermediate string ensemble

  • Senior string ensemble

  • Chamber string ensemble

  • Training band

  • Intermediate band

  • Senior Performance Band

These programs are designed to foster students’ musical abilities and love of music, but studies show that playing music also opens many other channels of learning, including what they learn in the classroom! Rehearsals and tuition teach commitment, responsibility and teamwork. 

Performing in events like the Festival of Instrumental Music at the Sydney Opera House, the NSW Band Festival and the Daceyville Big Band Bash.

To sign up please contact the maestros at The Music Partnership. They will help you and your child to choose an instrument that suits their aptitude and interest.

Music at Randwick Public School is proudly supported by the school and the P&C. Depending on financial circumstances, limited scholarships may apply.

Learning to play an instrument is fun, but when you make music together, ‘the sum is greater than its parts.’ so... Come and blow your own trumpet in the Randwick School Band!

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