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Membership, meetings and helping out

The Randwick Public School P&C has been an active part of the RPS community for many years.  We are only successful because so many people are willing to give a little of their time and skills to help out. There are so many ways to get involved that there is something for everyone. 

Become a member

Our meetings are open to everyone. However, as we are constituted Association you must be a member to vote or stand for committee positions. Become a member simply online here. 

Attend our meetings

We meet on the 3rd Monday of every month in term time from 7:30pm .  To enable as many people to participate in our meetings they are conducted via Zoom. Details are circulated via Skoolbytes as well as the School newsletter and the P&C Facebook page.

Meetings are attended by the P&C Executive and members of the School Executive. We often have guest speakers to discuss aspect of the curriculum and other matters relevant to the community. Questions are welcome during the meeting or via email in advance to

Help out

In a school as large, diverse and dynamic as Randwick there are many jobs to do and ways to help out. One off jobs, 'just in case' knowledge sharing roles, regular gigs, tasks for at home, tasks for at school, out in front or behind the scenes. And...volunteering is a great way to get to know the school community and to make new friends. 

For more information on the many and varied ways that you can contribute to RPS help please check out suggestions on the "Get Involved" page.

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