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30 November 2021

Teacher Strike on Tuesday 7 December

Dear Randwick Public School Parents and Carers,


The NSW Teachers Federation has voted unanimously in favour of a Teachers Strike to occur on Tuesday the 7th of December. 


Gallop Inquiry findings recommended major changes to the working conditions for NSW teachers. 


Growing expectations and diminished pay in comparison to other professions are fueling significant staff shortages. This impacts the recruitment and retention of the best people for our kids. These shortages are projected to hit a crisis point within 5 years. 


“The time teachers have each week outside the classroom has not increased since the 1980’s” (John Dixon, General Secretary, NSWTF). Given the significant workload increases of digital technology, reporting, and governance, this does not support our teachers to be their best selves for our children. Increasing workloads and decreasing work-life balance need to be addressed. 

The P&C want to express our full support to our Principal and Teachers. We stand together with you and your profession as you navigate the upcoming strike action. 


The strike was announced on 26 November. Teachers may be considering how they can support their profession, and in support of those teachers ‘of our teachers’ you can find out more here. As we await further information, parents and carers may like to think about plans for children on the 7th of December 2021.  


Best wishes,